Wood Floor Sanding Limited

floor-sandingIf you want to remove the obstinate stains, scratches, and roughness from your floor to make it smooth and attractive again, use our professional floor sanding services. They are done by qualified and skilful professionals who use modern sanding machines. After moving the furniture out of the room, cleaning and preparing the surface for sanding, they will scrape the outer damaged layer of the floor.

The sanders and edgers which our employees use leave no dust and if any dirt is left after the technicians’ work, they will clean it. We provide professional and inexpensive floor sanding for the residents living in London, which can be used on parquet, cork and hardwood floorings.

Excellent Quality Floor Sanding

Our floor sanding services involve these procedures:

  • Moving furniture and items from the room
  • Cleaning the dust and grime from the floor
  • Removing of nails, staples and tacks left from old floor coverings
  • Using professional belt and drum sanders, as well as edgers to cover all areas of the floor and remove its outer layer
  • Sanding some areas by hand with fine quality sandpaper
  • Covering the sanded floor with a sealant: polyurethane or oils
  • Moving the furniture back on its place

Our Floor Sanding Is Completely DUST-FREE

Yes, there will be absolutely no dust during the sanding, thanks to our high-end sanding machine from BONA.

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Our Services Price
Sanding only from £12.00 m2
Sanding and 3 coats of clear lacquer from £17.00 m2
Extra coat of lacquer from £4.00 m2
Extra coat hard wax oil from £4.00 m2

We cover Greater London, Surrey, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Berkshire, Essex, Buckinghamshire
The sanding technicians in our company will check the condition of your floor and remove the nails, tacks and staples they find, which can damage the sanding machines and floor. They will move the furniture and appliances from the room before they start their work. Our staff use modern sanders and edgers to scrape the top layer of the floor and all imperfections from it.

Professional Floor Sanding

floor-sandingThe edgers are used to sand stairs, angles and rims. The sanding equipment which the technicians use doesn’t release any dust, thus don’t create additional grime. After sanding the floor, the technicians will apply a protective layer of polyurethane or oils over it.

Our professional floor sanding services are at your disposal every day in the week in London. We can return the brilliant condition and appearance of your cork, parquet and hardwood flooring. Our excellent floor sanding successfully removes scratches, stains and other defects from the floor coverings.

The sanders and edgers which our employees use won’t disturb you or create any inconveniences to your family or neighbours. Our services are done by professionally trained and experienced technicians. Order our floor sanding which can be used in residential and commercial estates located in London.