Floor Fitting

floor-fittingIf you intend to fit laminate, parquet or vinyl flooring, we can offer you our excellent floor fitting services. They are done by professional fitters who will do all the work which involves cleaning, preparation of the area, measuring and fitting work.

They will estimate the needed quantity of boards and planks and inform the customer about the price of the floor fitting service. We provide replacing of old floorings with new. Our technicians will clean the floor area and move the furniture from the room. They can create all kinds of patterns and designs with the chosen materials. Use our floor fitting services available in London every day.

Reliable Floor Fitting

Our company offers bespoke floor fitting which includes:

  • Moving furniture and appliances from the room
  • Measuring the area which will be fitted
  • Removing the old coverings and panels if any
  • Cleaning and preparing the floor base for fitting
  • Fitting the new planks or boards by nailing or glueing them
  • Cleaning the dust and grime after fitting the new floor

The floor fitters will prepare the floor base, cleaning it and removing the furniture, appliances and items. They will remove the old coverings if the customer needs replacing of the flooring and clean the base of the floor of the dust and grime. After the surface of the floor base becomes perfectly clean, they will start laying boards or planks one after another.

floor-fittingThey will create the chosen by the customer pattern and cover the whole floor area. Use our professional floor fitting services for your domestic or business property, located in London. We can offer you replacing of the flooring you have and fitting your new floor properly. You can use our great floor fitting services to make your property more attractive and improved with new laminate, parquet or vinyl flooring. Our technicians will do the necessary procedures to fit every plank and board on its place in rows. They will create the pattern which the customer needs and implement it professionally.

We can guarantee you excellent results of our floor fitting services. Use them to make the renovation which you need in your domestic or commercial estate. We provide our professional floor fitting in London every day of the week. Use our customer care centre to receive the additional information which you need. You can also send us an e-mail or use our online form.