Floor Polishing

floor-polishingFloor polishing is a great way to improve the condition of your concrete or other type of floor and make it more resistant to everyday use. We use special buffing machines and other devices specialized in buffing floors.

Our technicians will make your floor perfectly shiny and flawless after they apply all the necessary procedures, included in floor buffing. They use modern machines and fine quality finishes. Our employees will clean and buff your floor and leave it in a great condition to be used long time without any signs of wear and tear. Our company’s office is located in London, where we provide our professional floor buffing services.

Superb Floor Polishing

Our floor polishing includes the following steps:

  • Preparation of the floor area: moving items and furniture from it, placing signs that the floor area is dangerous, removing the dust
  • Mop the floor
  • Attaching buffing pads to the buffing machines that we use
  • Replacing the pads when they get filled with dust or need to be changed
  • Wipe the dust which is left on the floor after buffing
  • Spray buffing for filling scratches and scars on the floor, removing dirt and applying the proper spray solution
  • Floor stripping, if it is necessary
  • Applying spray finishes
  • Cleaning and mopping the buffed floor

We polish concrete floors among other types. After being polished, concrete floors become much steadier, thicker and more resistant to stains, scratches and damage. They are maintained clean much easier. The concrete floor polishing starts with diamond grinding with specialized buffing machines.

floor-polishingThe technicians will give your floor two finishes and clean it well. Then they will use diamond grades to complete the polishing process. Our floor specialists use floor glazes that are water based. They will polish and buff your floor with concrete floor buffer.

The number of dust mites on your concrete floor will reduce, after doing all these procedures. Our floor polishing services are professional and provided at reasonable price in London. Using special buffing machines and such desidned for concrete floors, our staff will make your floor shiny and glossy. They follow every procedure with attention and can apply more steps like floor scrubbing, spray buffing and stripping, depending on the condition of the floor and its specifics. Our floor polishing services are available in London. They will make your floor resistant to different conditions and you will use it longer without visual signs of its age.